Friday, November 20, 2009

Notice about Opening of Naturally Plus Malaysia

Notice about Opening of Naturally Plus Malaysia

We would like to announce that our Taiwan Dash 2009, our Asian Region President, Mr. Nagoshi has announced the opening of Malaysia’s branch scheduled in the middle of December. Naturally Plus in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore will face new pressure once the 4th branch opens in Malaysia on Friday, December 11th 2009. Naturally Plus aims to grow the business to be Japan’s first international business network by taking this advance step. Since the last year Singapore opening, there were many requests from members for opening the branch in Malaysia. Thereafter, in response to the request, as preparation for the opening new branch, and in order to meet customer satisfaction, we first need to handle the legal matters such as license and various matters.
Currently, the attained of the business license made possible to start off our sales operation. Though there had been inconvenient cause in terms of product sales and purchase had brought upon our fellow members, above all, for the sake of our fellow members we had made commencement of business as priority, please be patience on the pre-opening operation.
Office Commence day:
11th December 2009 (Friday) 11:00am onwards (Ribbon cutting and so on ceremony)
* For the office location, our At office location, our website, salon and so forth will be warmly introduced and shown around.

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