Friday, July 24, 2009

Rise AsiaPacific Bimonthly E-Magazine

Focus on top, business growth and breakthrough boundaries.

Following steady steps from one business expand to Asia Pacific. With global prospect and break boundaries within people. NATURALLY-PLUS (NP) expects to bring better lives and new hopes.

From response of different countries, NP has extensive ideas in seeking growth. In addition, with many past experiences in services overall, NP has earned broader thoughts in mind. We believe everyone can feel this energy boost.

In order to enable members from different countries to receive the most updated information, we determined to publish Asia Magazine “RISE”!Through this magazine, we deliver brand-new thoughts, rich in contents, up-to-date information which connect our achievement altogether and reach the dream of one world one heart.

There are four different releases published simultaneously: English, Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese. According to the languages, these releases will be shown at Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and even South East Asia. Magazine will be published bimonthly, to deliver the most up-to-date information from locals and the rich news does not fumble. By reading through RISE, you will see Naturally Plus looks lively, tight in bond and seeking for boundless future.

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