Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Double Bonus Campaign (2009雙獎勵活動全球綠加利同步實施)

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Congratulations to all NATURALLY-PLUS members, 2009 Double Bonus Campaign will start from 18th April 2009 to 31st August 2009.
New Registration Double Bonus Campaign(restricted to the First Organisation only)

Campaign Details

1.[Referral Bonus]: During the campaign period, for every new member sponsored (including BC/EC), the sponsor will be able to obtain a bonus amount of HK $ 66 / SG$13.

2. [Twin Bonus]: During the campaign period, if the number of new members sponsored hits an even number, the sponsor can obtain not only the Referral Bonus but also a Twin Bonus of HK $198 / SG$39 (2 people to make up 1 pair).

※During the campaign period, 5,000 points can be obtained from the purchase of the Starter-Pack, while points obtained from the purchase of the FPP, Repeat Products and Promotional-Service Products will remain unchanged.

Bonus Pre-Requisites

Conditions for receiving bonus remain the same as stated in the Member's Manual. Bonus Payment Details

a. Calculation for bonus is done every Friday and paid out on a Friday four (4) weeks later.

b. Bonus will not be paid out if the amount accumulated during the subject period is less than HK $330 / SG$65. It will only be paid out if the amount accumulated reaches HK $330 / SG$65 and above.

c. A service charge of HK $30 / SG$7 will be deducted for every bonus payout.

※ If campaign bonus has already been accrued to the sponsor, and the applicant decides to annul his Starter-Pack contract or requests for a refund, the Company has the right to ask for a return of the bonus amount that has been paid out (please refer to the Member's Manual for conditions on annulment of contracts and refunds).

Regulation for Special Registration: Position Specification Registration

Members can choose to register either through the Position Specification method or the usual method.

1.Position Specification --- Under the Position Specification method, the applicant’s position will be allocated based on the Binary Auto system.

2.If A Position is Not Specified --- Under the Specific Sponsor method, the applicant’s position will be allocated based on the Binary Auto System.

※ When applying for BC, the applicant is not allowed to select Position Specification if he has already selected the Specific Line.

※ Please note that changes are not allowed once registration is completed.

※ Please download the Position Specification Form from our homepage and submit it together with the Application Form.

Position Specification Application Form download link:]PositionForm.pdf

Wish You All The Best!!!
Wish you all get the extreme bonuses in this Campaign!!

This is the Initiator Sponsorship:

Initiator’s Member ID : 1445217
Initiator email :

Initiator’s BC/EC : 001

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Country: Malaysia
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