Friday, February 6, 2009

NP Hong Kong To Stop the Sale of SUPER LUTEIN Temporarily

NP Hong Kong To Stop the Sale of SUPER LUTEIN Temporarily
NATURALLY-PLUS Hong Kong office(NATURALLY-PLUS Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.)has received notice from Hong Kong’s Department of Health to stop selling SUPER LUTEIN in Hong Kong temporarily.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our members and will hereby give a detailed report of what happened.

Background to the matter
Hong Kong’s Department of Health visited NATURALLY-PLUS Hong Kong office on January 21 (Wednesday), and requested for the sales permit required to sell SUPER LUTEIN as a medicinal product. As SUPER LUTEIN was originally classified as a health supplement, NATURALLY-PLUS did not acquire the permit to sell it as a medicinal product in Hong Kong. As such SUPER LUTEIN was imported and sold as a health supplement.

However, the Department of Health in Hong Kong reinforced its rules and regulations in July 2008. From July 2008, if traces of vitamins are found in a product, a sales permit is required even if the product is classified as a health supplement. Therefore, we were advised to temporarily stop the sale of SUPER LUTEIN until we acquire the sales permit. After a discussion with the Department of Health, NATURALLY-PLUS Hong Kong has decided to accept their advice to stop the sale of SUPER LUTEIN in Hong Kong until we ’ve obtained the sales permit.

This matter has occurred due to a misunderstanding about the procedures for the sale of SUPER LUTEIN with Hong Kong’s Department of Health, and not because there is a problem with the ingredients and the quality of the product. There is no problem with SUPER LUTEIN itself.

The Hong Kong salon is opened for business as usual, and sells IZUMIO.

Please note that this situation only applies to Hong Kong and does not have any impact on the sales of SUPER LUTEIN in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore at all. NATURALLY-PLUS will condut Hong Kong members who regularly purchase of SUPER LUTEIN and the delivery cost will be borne by NATURALLY-PLUS.

We would like to apologize to our members for this matter.

NATURALLY-PLUS Hong Kong is conducting meeting with Hong Kong’s Department of Health with the aim of acquiring the permit to sell SUPER LUTEIN in Hong Kong again. We will inform all members once the sale of SUPER LUTEIN is allowed again. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Wish You All THe Best!!!

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