Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Has been presented to the Japan Guide Dog Association thoughtful donation from NATURALLY-PLUS!

NATURALLY-PLUS Corporation (NYSE: CEO Sakada Hisahiro Tokyo), has been working since last year "NEXT100" under the plan, along with our members, "participation" is to expand the social contribution activities .
This last one was held in November on "Festival 2008" 10 percent of ticket proceeds from the sale and half of the sales CHARITIPOSUTOKADO 30%, 30% of sales back half of the ECO, set up in each salon We let our report with a contribution to the collection box, we have presented a donation to the Japan Guide Dog Association is done to support NATURALLY-PLUS.

We have presented Donation to the Japan Guide Dog Association is as follows. Association of Guide Dog Foundation, ¥ 1,703,711
Photos of the donation presentation ceremony.

The donation presentation ceremony, Friday, 6th February 2009 at the headquarters NATURALLY-PLUS. The Japan Guide Dog Association, the Chairman of PR Irene Inoue Yukihiko and bring along a dog (female 5 years old) was reached.Sakada Hisahiro from the President NATURALLY-PLUS, we have presented an important contribution has been kept from you.
We have received a letter of appreciation from the Japan Guide Dog Association.

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Initiator’s BC/EC : 001

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