Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Year Campaign (Hong Kong Members)

Good News For Hong Kong Members!!!

The New Year Campaign
Qualification : Hong Kong Members ("Sponsor" and "New member" registered in Hong Kong)
Campaign Period : 3rd January 2009 to 28th February 2009 (2 month duration)
Rules & Notes:
1. Entry the campaign in pairs.(Submit an entry form with ID and name) You can pair off with anyone and multiple persons (one can pair off with 5 persons!!)
2. Calculate the points of a pair. (Minimum achievement point is 10 ; One carton per person) The sum total in pair must be 10 points or more. Each party must become a sponsor of at least one member (1 basic plan=1P is ok)
3. You can use every BC to be a sponsor.
4. Calculate only new registration of BC001 (BC002 * BC003 is exempt from the campaign)
5. The registration date must be on or before 28th February 2009
6. Disapprove of changing registration plan after completion of registration.
7. Winners will be announced after the mid March.

Point List
4 Types of Registration
1. Basic Plan (for 1 month purchase) get sponsorship point = 1P
2. 1 + 3 Plan get sponsorship point = 3P
3. 1 + 5 Plan get sponsorship point = 4p
4. 1 + 11 Plan get sponsorship point = 7P

Point Calculating Chart
Total Achievement Points
1. 1oP winning 2 cartons (1 carton each)
2. 18P winning 4 cartons (2 cartons each)
3. 26P winning 6 cartons (3 cartons each)
4. 34P winning 8 cartons (4 cartons each)

Please share and inform to your group members about this campaign. For more information, please refer to your upline and leader!!!

Thank you!!!
NPlusMY Team

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Wish you all the BEST!!!

This is the Initiator Sponsorship:

Initiator’s Member ID : 1445217
Initiator email :

Initiator’s BC/EC : 001

NPGL Membership Request!!

IC No/ Passport No:
Gender: Male
Email Address:
Contact No:
Country: Malaysia
Hong Kong
Other Country
Other Country:

After submit!! Our NPGL respresentive will contact you as soon as possible!!

Thank you!!

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