Wednesday, December 17, 2008

High Manufacturing Technology (Izumio)

High Manufacturing Technology that locks the hydrogen
Using high manufacturing technology likes manufacturing method of hydrogen reduction water (patent no. 3606466) during the manufacturing process of IZUMIO which filled with hydrogen.
Using the most high-tech water making facility
Using the Reverse Osmosis facility to wipe out the impurities in the water and manufacture the highly purified water.
The Reverse Osmosis facility is invented by the NASA of US to ensure the drinking water in space. From the tiny dust to minerals dissolved in the water are also being wiped out. Now it is using in desalination from sea water and the tree planting technology in deserts.
High pressure technology
Fill up the high pressured tank with highly purified water and hydrogen, and dissolve the hydrogen into the highly purified water. Leak-free cheer pack
The container of IZUMIO is the 4 layered cheer pack. In order to prevent mixing up with other substances, the filling process is carry out under an absolutely clean environment. ※ Made by 4 kinds of materials that have a high blocking effect towards gases. It prevents the invasion of gases outside, and also prevent the hydrogen in the water from leakage.
IZUMIO is made by manufacturing method (Patent No. 3606466) of hydrogen reduction water during the manufacturing process of “Hydrogen dissolving in water” and “Dissolved hydrogen water filling in the cheer pack”.

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