Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Announcement from NATURALLY-PLUS

NATURALLY-PLUS appreciates the long time support from our members. Because of your dedication to us, we are able to achieve much growth and expand to the size we are today.

NATURALLY-PLUS is a legitimately established direct sale enterprise; it is mandatory for all business activities and member operations to follow our rules and legislation. Following the establishment of NATURALLY-PLUS branches Asia-wide, NATURALLY-PLUS has come to realize the necessity of imposing penalties on members who have broken the rules. From 1st January 2009 onwards, the NATURALLY-PLUS Legal Department will be established to keep surveillance to ensure that our rules and regulations are maintained. Should any violation occur, a thorough investigation will take place and only then will the member will be penalized if found guilty.

With the aim of creating a professional business environment, our guidelines have to be firmly established in order to facilitate our growth. To prevent any misunderstandings, we strongly urge each member to carefully read our Company Profile and Membership Manual for full clarification before introducing new people to NATURALLY-PLUS. Only then would we recommend you to start your business. This is to protect you from any potential violation of our legal compliance.
Above announcement from NATURALLY-PLUS...
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