Friday, August 22, 2008

Testimonials from Ms. Tan Sew Chean

Name: Ms Tan Sew Chean

Location: Johore, Malaysia
Duration: 1 month

18 years old! An age of vitality & youth! Unfortunately, I was suffering from chronic
RP Retinal Dystrophy which may lead to blindness.
To make matter worse, my sister was also suffering from the same illness.
The vision of my eyes was getting bad to worse.
My world was getting darker; I was afraid and felt very lost.
Expensive medical expenses and inconvenience in my life…. what should I do?
Eventually on 24/05/2007, the Malaysian Government issued the disabled identity cards to my sister and me as we lost our vision.Mysister even had her insurance payout…
In July 2008, I heard good news about an eye product!
All these years, I have tried many eye products but to no avail. Finally, my benefactor encouraged me to try SUPER LUTEIN.On 12/07/2008 I started to consume 5 capsules of SUPER LUTEIN each day. Few days later "YES" I began to see some light in my world of darkness. There was discharge from my eyes too. I was very happy as my eyes were responding to SUPER LUTEIN.
From that day, I changed the consumption to 6 capsules; 3 in the morning & 3 in the evening.
In the short period of one month, my sister and I experienced a great change in our lives!
We are able to identify objects through the blurriness.
Our vision has improved tremendously. We are thankful to the friend that introduced us to SUPER LUTEIN.

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