Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sponsorship for 2008 Beijing International Marathon

NATURALLY-PLUS, October 19, 2008 (Sunday) to be held in China in Beijing "2008 Beijing International Marathon", as a sponsor of OFISHARUSUPONSA. Following the 1981 to the "Beijing International Marathon" is the official World Athletics Federation, the world's only eight tournaments Marathon Gold Label. This year's tournament in 2008, about 30,000 runners are expected to participate. Moderate climate, flat course from the condition, have a good record as a tournament known for its easy because the top-level runners from around the world will gather high-level race. The Tiananmen Square in the center to start the Olympic marathon course MUKAERU goal, a beautiful autumn scene in the city to enjoy the scenery, one of which is attractive. NATURALLY-PLUS this world-class marathon operation to support the Japanese and Asian NATURALLY-PLUS name of the PR world.
Sponsors and Partners
Each year the Beijing International Marathon depends a great deal on the generous contributions of our event sponsors. The event organizers would like to express our sincerest thanks to the following sponsors for their continuous support.
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