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The Super Lutein

We like to introduce to you all the natural ingredient of nutrition comprised in "Super Lutein".
6 different types of carotene, cassis extracts, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and DHA.

What’s "Super Lutein" ?
This is very important nutrition that can not produced naturally in our human body.
Super Lutein is a Nutritional food containing rich amounts of carotenoid (ß – carotene) with benefits comparable to eating yellow green vegetables.

The ingredients of "Super Lutein"
This is superior nutrition comprises evenly with greens and other essence of vegetables and fruits.

Super Lutein contains 6 types of carotenoids
The main composition of Super Lutein is carotenoids. This includes pigment composition in plants, which has been widely acclaimed in recent years as a vital component in disease prevention and healthy living.
Carotenoids contains:-

A type of carotenoid, lutein is stored in the eyes and skin. Cabbage, the ingredient for “green juice” and spinach, a type of yellow green vegetable, are rich in lutein. Lutein is a powerful anti-oxidant and can prevent the harmful fats in the retina from over-oxidation, as well as absorb blue rays, preventing the retina from damages.

Zeaxanthin has characteristics very similar to that of lutein. It is a member of the yellow orange pigment and is found in large quantities in plants such as maize and Japanese sweet “Fuyu” persimmon, as well as green tea, egg yolk, animal fats and the liver.Through the process of metabolism, lutein is transformed into zeaxanthin, both of which are stored in the yellow spot area of the eyes. The latest research shows that lutein and zeaxanthin are located in different areas of the retina. The centre of the yellow spot has a higher ratio of zeaxanthin, while the periphery is mainly lutein.

*α - Carotene & β - Carotene
Both α- and β- carotene are found in the yellow and orange colour pigments of carrots and pumpkin. As they are safe in nature, they have been used as a colour addictive in foods, drinks and cosmetics since ancient times. Carotenes will be transformed into vitamin A according to the needs of the body. As they are important to the body, specialists have been actively conducting research on them for many years. Carotenes that have not undergone transformation have greater anti-oxidation effects.

Lycopene is found in the red colour pigments of tomatoes. When turning ripe under the sun, tomatoes protect themselves from the sunlight by producing lycopene.Like lutein, lycopene has anti-oxidation effects.There is a saying in Europe: “When tomatoes turn red, doctor’s faces turn green”. From this we can see that tomatoes and a healthy life are closely related. Processed foods can release the benefits of lycopene better than fresh vegetables, and as lycopene is fat soluble, adding a little oil when cooking can enhance the absorption of lycopene by the body.

Crocetin is found in the fruit of Cape jasmine and the stamen and pistil of saffron. It is both fat and water soluble. Its most striking feature is its tiny molecular volume, which makes it easily absorbed by the body. It can penetrate into tissue fibers that are different to be reached by other carotenoids, no wonder researchers worldwide are now conducting in-depth studies on the benefits of crocetin.

The manufacturing process of "Super Lutein"
We are patented for the technology for marigold extracts and comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
Health food supplement "Super Lutein" manufactured under the standard of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). High quality of Flora GLO ® "Lutein" is the extraction of marigold.
The manufacturing of the major ingredient of health food "Super Lutein" is applying the patented technology of "KEMIN HEALTH Company" in the States. Firstly extract "Lutein" from marigold and then crystallize it, which is regarded as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by FDA. It’s the only health food supplement can be applied to drinks and food with the consent of GRAS. A patent of crystallization is also granted by "KEMIN HEALTH" company.
Based on the food supplement produced with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
We comply with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the production of food supplement. During the manufacturing process we ensure the clear processing environment with sufficient amount of fresh air and non-polluted water supply, so that our manufacturing plant are situated on the green non-polluted "fujiyama" slope under the manufacturing standard of ISO9001:2000.The bacteria exams critically apply on all the incoming materials. In addition, eye- checking process is also one of the quality control processes.
What’s GMP? GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) refers to the production and quality control management; during the process of manufacturing has to comply with the requirements of "Japan Health Food Supplement association".

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